Heavy-weight, Medium-weight and Light-weight rugs for turnout & stable - plus rugs for travel, cooling and showing

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Turnout Rugs

Waterproof rugs in all weights - Heavy-weight, Medium- weight and Light-weight

Stable Rugs

Rugs for use indoors in Heavy-weight, Medium-weight and Light-weight, including Fleeces

Travel Rugs

Rugs for wear indoors and whilst travelling, including Fleeces

Fly Rugs, Masks & Veils

Rugs, masks and veils to stop pesky biting insects from attaching your horse or pony whilst in the field or whilst you are riding.

Rug Accessories

Chest Expanders and spare parts for Rugs of all types including Anti-Rub vests

Cleaning & Care

Stuff to keep your rugs pristine and clean